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Nevada Security Guard Training Academy

In lieu of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the NSGTA is closed.
Once the State is back to normal, we will advise when we will be open for training.
Thank you and stay healthy

The Las Vegas security industry is becoming one of the largest employers in Nevada. The opportunities for employment in the security industry are available to those who qualify and wish to have a career in this growing sector.

The Nevada Security Guard Training Academy was founded in 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada in order to enhance the security industry with trained professional security officers ready to take on the role of a security guard. The 8 hour one day class will give the student a good insight into what is required of them to be a security guard and will definitely aid him or her in their initial interview in obtaining gainful employment. A short true/ false exam will be conducted at the end of the class which will measure the ability of a student to benefit from this training. To attend this training class, you must be 21 years of age or older.

The Private Investigator licensing Board (PILB) requires an applicant for the position of security guard to be 21 years of age, a United States Citizen and not convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude or illegal use or possession of a dangerous weapon. The applicant must pass a background check and be fingerprinted and is responsible for any fees. In addition, the applicant must pass a 30 question open book exam, with a passing grade of 75%, administered by the PILB at this time.

At the present time we are working on presenting the PILB with suggested amendments to the existing State Administrative Code requiring more formal training for security guards. However, in the meantime our facility can enhance your chances of pursuing and obtaining employment in the field of private security.  

Our training curriculum consists of, but is not limited to the following topics:

            1. Role and Responsibility of a Security Guard
            2. Use of Force
            3. Report Writing
            4. Active Shooter
            5. Civil and Criminal Laws and Liabilities
            6. Detention, Arrest, Search and Seizure
            7. Emergencies, Security Threats and Evacuation
            8. Protecting Buildings, Property and Assets

See our Enrollment Agreement, which includes our refund policy based on State Statute. In addition, see also our registration form with instructions on how to register and pay the fee for the 8 hour training class. Those attending our training Academy will have the opportunity to complete an application for possible employment with a number of major security companies in Las Vegas. Placement in a job is not guaranteed nor promised to a student attending the training academy.

It is recommended that everyone who wishes to work in the security industry take this one day 8 hour class. Upon successful completion of our exam the students will receive a certificate certifying they have attended the 8 hour training class and successfully passed the true/false exam. This certificate should be listed on your resume with an attached copy accompanying your application when applying for a security position.

For additional information, please see our school catalog (pdf format)

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